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What Makes Hand Restoration Unique?

Our hands are an intricate part of how we function every day. When issues exist with our hands, whether cosmetic or health-wise, the passage of time and the progress of aging can cause noticeable loss volume, larger veins appearing, and irregular contours begin to appear. Our hands are considered one of the first areas of our bodies to reveal our age first, as they’re the most visible and exposed parts of our bodies to factors such as sunlight and constant use. While these natural signs of aging are normal, for some, the severe pronunciation of aging hands makes it difficult to manage. However, with the power of hand restoration, these physical markers can be erased, and your hands can look as good as new!

What Makes Hand Restoration Unique?

Today, many people are pursuing hand and facial rejuvenation with a huge amount of interest over the last few years. The hands, however, are a challenging and complex part of our bodies that require intricate understanding to approach. People seeking smooth, youthful hands often face poor laxity of the skin along the surface of the hands, prominent veins and tendons underlying the hand structure, and even aging spots develop along the surface of the skin. To achieve contour and fullness, plastic surgeons have to use medical techniques that work intricately with the body’s function to help restore appearance, thus making it a challenging excursion.

Luckily, hand restoration isn’t just a simple one technique procedure, as hand restoration is an adaptive, ever-evolving procedure that uses multiple methods for each patient’s individual needs. These techniques include:

  • Fat Transfer: A fat transfer works to correct volume loss by collecting a fat graft from other body areas and then surgically grafted onto the hand area. Fat transfers work best due to their low rejection rates and successful healing times. Through fat transfers, hand restorations can last for years.
  • Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers benefit from being a less invasive treatment method and tend to be long-lasting due to the way they restore contour and fullness throughout the hands. Dermal fillers also can remove visible bumps and lumps found throughout the hands and work to increase collagen production.
  • Skin Excision: Skin excisions work around areas of loose skin around the hands. The loose, old age skin areas are removed and are typically used for those with mild to moderate volume loss. This surgical method can also be combined with other methods to create contoured, smooth hands.
  • Sclerotherapy: This form of therapy is a non-surgical method that uses sclerosing solution and is typically used to remove the appearance of varicose veins and spider veins across the hands. It also targets veins that cause bulging underneath the skin and helps restore lost volume.

Hand Restoration: A Customized Approach To Beauty

Hand restoration uses a combination of procedures to help remove signs of aging, restore lost volume, and give your hands a new, more youthful appearance. For more information about hand restorations and what they can do for you, contact your local plastic surgeon to learn more about your treatment options.

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Get An Eyelift For This Holiday Season

The holiday season is just ahead, which means time around people you may not have seen in a while. Why not take a little extra me-time this year and give yourself a touch-up that will stun them? Blepharoplasty is a procedure that freshens the appearance of the skin around your eyes. This is accomplished by removing unnecessary fat and skin from the eyelids, eliminating folds and wrinkles in the process. Some recovery time is necessary, so getting it done before the holidays are fully in motion gives you time to look your best.

Blepharoplasty And How It Can Take Years From Your Eyes

Blepharoplasty addresses both eyelids if needed. The lower eyelid surgery generally involves a small incision made below the lash line or just inside the eyelid. This latter approach is known as a transconjunctival approach. It allows access to the eyelid without leaving unsightly scars from incisions. Laser resurfacing can be performed on the eyelid to reduce wrinkles and lines. We encounter some common questions when discussing this procedure, including:

  • Why Get Eyelid Surgery? Unnecessary fat and eyelid skin can create an aged, heavy-looking appearance made more apparent by puffiness. It can also impair vision in the upper area if the lid is too excessive.
    • Lower Blepharoplasty is selected when improvement of the contour of the eye is required. This can be accomplished by removing skin or adding/removing fat to reach the desired effect.
    • Double eyelid surgery is often performed to enhance the crease of the upper eyelid. It’s popular in Asian cultures to “westernize” the eyelid’s appearance.
  • Am I A Good Candidate For Blepharoplasty?
    • If you’re in decent health and have realistic expectations of the result, you’re a good candidate for eyelid surgery.

Preparation for eyelid surgery begins with a detailed examination. During the examination, the surgeon will discuss the details of the procedure. They will go over the benefits and risks of having the procedure done. They’ll also thoroughly go through the steps involved, including the recovery process. This will allow the patient to properly prepare for the journey ahead. A good step in this process is collecting items you’ll need to make recovery go smoothly. These can include:

  • Cooling gel packs to ease swelling and related discomfort
  • Artificial tears to help clear and protect the eye
  • Gauze to cover the affected area as it heals and keep out debris and dirt

You may also be informed that you need to be cleared for the procedure. This is most often done if general anesthesia is used during your procedure. In some cases, the clearance of an ophthalmologist will be necessary if eye health is a concern.

Get Started To Look Your Best This Holiday Season?

Getting a jump on your appearance this holiday season means you’ll be looking your best when the holidays arrive. Reach out to your cosmetic surgeon today to get advice on which procedures may be right for you. Your eyes can be brightened, wrinkle-free, and smooth in just one simple procedure!

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How To Protect Our Skin From Harsh Winter Air

In the immortal words of the Stark Family, Winter is Coming. Those of us in New York are probably more aware of this than almost anywhere else in the country. Minnesota and Maine? We see you and bow to your fortitude. As the cold weather starts to set in, we know that it’s critical to take good care of our skin. If you don’t take steps to keep the cold winter air at bay, it’ll leave your skin dry, chapped, and wrinkled. If you can’t get away to the warmth this winter, these tips will help protect you as the cold sets in.

Why Winter Air Is So Harsh, And How To Protect Our Skin

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Cold air is dry. Dry like your mother-in-law’s Thanksgiving turkey dry. Dry like your Uncle Harry’s humor dry. Dry like… Well, you get our point. One thing that dry air likes to do just about more than anything else is gathering moisture. This has some important implications for the weather system. All it means for our skin is dry, flaky misery. Want to avoid the vampire of youth that is the winter air? Try these tips:

  • Use sunscreen – This advice is good for any time of year. You’ve probably noticed that the majority of sunscreens contain moisturizers. That’s because the sun likes to dry out your skin. It may not be hot out during the winter, but that cold winter sun is still cooking your epidermis. Wearing sunscreen prevents you from getting sunburned and deflects cancer-causing UV light. The extra moisturizer it contains is going to fend off the drying effect of cold air too!
  • Dress Thoroughly – While it may seem obvious that dressing warmly is essential, some people miss some bits. Your hands, head, and face need to be dressed up warm as well. A nice cozy pair of gloves, a hooded jacket or beanie cap, and a face mask are all good starts. Any place that bare skin may encounter the cold air needs to be covered.
  • Avoid Hot Showers – We know this sounds like pure misery. After all, there’s nothing better than a hot shower to warm up from the cold winter air. Unfortunately, hot water also draws necessary oils and moisture out of your skin. Also, once you’re out of the shower? Pat dry, don’t rub. Your skin is delicate after all that moisture.
  • Ointments and Creams – Ointments and creams can do wonders against the forces of winter. You may want to try a few different varieties to ensure that you find one that matches your skin. Some people need thicker creams; others need a light protective layer. Experiment until you find the right one for you.

Consult With Your Cosmetic Treatment Specialist For More Advice

Your plastic surgeon isn’t just there to help you fix the damage. They want to help prevent your beautiful skin from becoming marred in the first place. Reach out to them before the winter sets in and find out what they suggest. They will likely have good tips on products and habits that will help your skin stay looking great!

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The Fall Season Checklist Of Reasons To Get A Tummy Tuck

It’s true that people will get plastic surgery at any time of year. However, there’s a strong argument for Fall being the best time for a tummy tuck. “But the Summer’s over!” we hear you say. Yes, and that’s precisely why the Fall is the best time for getting that work done! There are numerous reasons for having your tummy tuck during this season. We’re going to touch on quite a few of them. When we’re done, you’ll see why there’s no reason to wait until Spring or Summer to get that tummy tuck done!

The Fall Season Checklist Of Reasons To Get A Tummy Tuck

So the school year is crawling to an end and the warm weather with it. As the days tick by, you’re spending more and more time indoors. You may also be planning your look for next summer and making resolutions to reach them. While we have every faith you’ll achieve those goals, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help on the way. Consider the following reasons you should get your tummy tuck this winter:

  • More Time Off – Many companies offer additional time off during the winter months. You can make the most of this by getting your Tummy Tuck around a holiday. This way, you’ll have time to recover without having to spend your precious vacation days. Even better, you’ll be able to heal up after the procedure in privacy! The next time they see you, you’ll be looking fantastic with nary a scar to show!
  • Additional Clothing – Sure, we know you’re piling on those layers to stay warm. However, they also do a wonderful job of covering up blemishes while you’re healing. Tummy tucks tend to come with a fair amount of bruising and discoloration. While time will eliminate these, additional clothes help cover up while you heal. You can also relax at home, warm and snug, which will aid healing.
  • Reduced Outdoor Activities – If you decide to spend the majority of your Fall and winter indoors, no one’s going to judge you. The weather is cold, the roads are treacherous, and the sun goes down early. They don’t have to know that you’re also recovering from getting a little help looking amazing. All they’ll know is you’ll emerge in spring like a butterfly from a chrysalis, looking better than ever.
  • Recover In Time For Summer – Initial recovery from a tummy tuck can take up to six weeks. However, it can be an additional three to six months before you see all the benefits. Getting your tummy tuck in Fall means you’ll be looking great by the time its swimsuit season!

This selection of hot-takes is just the tip of the tummy tuck iceberg. There are plenty more benefits to getting your procedure done during the Fall.

Reach Out To Your Plastic Surgeon To Learn More

Your cosmetic surgeon has been working with patients like you for a long time. This has led to them having a comprehensive understanding of what’s ahead. They’ll not only tell you good reasons to get your tummy tuck this Fall, but they’ll also give you tips to speed your recovery.

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Tips and Tricks For Getting Plastic Surgery For The Holidays

With the holiday months coming on quickly, family gatherings are just ahead. We see faces we don’t often encounter during the rest of the year during this time of year. Maybe you’re one of those who use the holidays as an opportunity to get away. The winter months are a great chance to travel, see new places, and meet new people. Family and holidays away are just two reasons this time of year is excellent for plastic surgery.

Tips and Tricks For Getting Plastic Surgery For The Holidays

Recovery times are an essential thing to remember about getting cosmetic treatment. Whether you’re getting a chemical peel or a facelift, you’ll need time to heal. This period means planning is essential. These are just two of the things to consider about getting plastic surgery during this time of year:

  • It’s A Common Time To Be Off Work – Many companies make time off more accessible during the holidays. This extra time away from the office means you won’t be using valuable vacation time to recover. You’ll have sufficient time to recover and will arrive back at work looking great. Considering how tiring the holidays can be, your new look will make quite the impact!
  • Indoor Recovery Is Easier – Many cosmetic treatments require time away from the sun. Hot summer winds and calm dry winter winds can make recovery harder. During the holiday’s people often spend more time inside. This fact means you’ll have the time to take proper steps to heal efficiently and get the most out of your treatment.
  • A New Look For The New Year – The coming of the New Year tends to inspire ambitions for the year ahead. Taking care of your skin and addressing problematic blemishes is a great start. You can start the year with new goals and a fresh look to go with your fresh ambition.
  • Keep Looking Fresh And Young – Staying youthful and vibrant is a sign of success in the eyes of many. You’ll impress those you only see this time of year with your visible youthfulness.

These are just some of the great reasons to seek cosmetic treatment during the holidays. Start considering the changes and updates you’d like. A sufficiently early start gives you time to plan your recovery and heal. This step means you’ll have the best possibility of getting the full benefit of your cosmetic treatment.


Are you ready to start looking fantastic during the holidays? Reach out to your cosmetic treatment professional for guidance. They’ll be able to consult you on the blemishes and wrinkles that concern you. Through them, they’ll guide you towards treatment options that will have you glowing and refreshed over the holidays.

With every passing year, age tries to take its toll. There’s no reason to stand by without a fight. With the help of your specialist, you’ll be able to keep the years at bay. Call them now and schedule a consultation. With their help, you’ll be able to enjoy this holiday season as fresh as undriven snow.

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Discovering The Benefits Of The Perfect Peel

Every so often, a new cosmetic treatment is developed that changes everything. The most recent to join this group of life-changing concepts is Perfect Peel. The discovery of the anti-aging properties of glutathione led to its development. This antioxidant has been discovered to prevent damage to specific vital cellular components. This benefit is accomplished by countering the effects of peroxides and free radicals on our health. Glutathione occurs naturally within our bodies. As the years go by, our natural levels of this substance deplete. This depletion is the result of environmental stress, sun exposure, and air pollutants.

Discovering The Benefits Of The Perfect Peel

With the discovery of these properties, their potential use in cosmetic treatments began to be explored. The Perfect Peel is the result of these efforts. As of this writing, it is the only chemical peel on the market featuring this vital antioxidant. This antioxidant provides this treatment with the ability to nourish and repair our skin.

The benefits of receiving a Perfect Peel include:

  • Improved hyperpigmentation
  • Refined pores
  • Reduced lines and wrinkles
  • Elimination of acne
  • Reduction in acne marks

The ability of glutathione to penetrate the depths of our skin makes all this possible. The Perfect Peel is applied in a single treatment that provides immediate results. During application, patients report a slight stinging sensation for the length of a minute. Over the next week, the old skin will peel away, revealing fresh, vibrant skin beneath. The process is completed by the seventh day.

FAQ Regarding The Perfect Peel

How does The Perfect Peel Stack Up Against Other Peels?

The results this peel can achieve after a single treatment puts it ahead of its competitors. Wrinkling and fine lines are visibly reduced, and dark pigmentation lightened, and the skin radiates beautifully. The process is almost entirely painless. The process takes approximately a week to complete. Be sure you have your peel done 10-14 days before any significant event.

Will I Need More Than One Perfect Peel Treatment?

Perfect peel generally only requires a single treatment to produce results. The complexion and tone of your skin will be refreshed, glowing with health. Some skin conditions, such as melasma and active acne, may require multiple applications. It’s common to combine light treatments with the Perfect Peel to combat serious acne concerns. Your specialist may also provide prescription medications. They can help to address more severe concerns.

How Often Will I Need To Receive The Perfect Peel?

Proper skin care following a Perfect Peel will help. The results can persist for more extended periods. Most patients will benefit from a perfect peel every 3 to 6 months.

You may have more questions about The Perfect Peel or other treatment options. If so, reach out to your cosmetic treatment professional. Receiving professional guidance is the only way to ensure proper treatment for your skin. Remember, fast action is necessary to prevent scarring from severe acne. Please don’t leave it to chance; contact your specialist today!

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Rejuvenating Your Skin For That Next Big Event Is Easy!

Is there a momentous occasion coming up? Is someone special to you getting married or graduating? Is it time for your High School reunion? Now is the time to go that extra step in helping you look your best. With time, care, and help from your plastic surgeon, you can be looking better than ever. Numerous treatment options are on the market to help you restore that youthful glow. It’s just a matter of choosing which one is right for you!

When It’s Your Time To Shine, Consider These Options!

If you’ve been considering getting a specialty facial, your upcoming event is the right time. Botox, non-surgical face enhancement, and PRP treatments can be done in little time. The results you’ll get are immediately noticeable. Even better, they’ll stay looking great for weeks or months to come. Regardless of your choice, you will need a little downtime before the event. Consider these treatments and how long you’ll need to look your best.

  • Facials and Microdermabrasion – These are great ways to help your skin shine. However, you’ll need a couple of days afterward to heal. These treatments open your pores, but there are consequences. Acne, irritation, and blotchy red patches can happen for a day or two. After that, you’ll be glowing beautifully.
  • Botox and Injectables – These are well-known and popular cosmetic treatment options. They can eliminate lines and refresh your appearance quickly, but not instantly. For botox, in particular, you’ll need a week for the redness to fade.
  • Juvederm – A respected filler among cosmetic surgery patients. It helps to eliminate the wrinkles and folds near the mouth and nose. While it acts quickly to eliminate signs of aging, you’ll need time. It takes a week or more for the redness and swelling to fade.
  • Platelet-Rich PlasmaThis is a newer treatment, but it’s gaining popularity fast. Known as ‘stem-cell therapy,’ it uses plasma taken from you to stimulate healing. Two or three days are required after the treatment to look your best.
  • Rhinoplasty – Known to most as a nose job, rhinoplasty can reshape your nose. This treatment can also be used to improve nasal function. As a surgery, this procedure will take at least six weeks of recovery time.
  • Ultherapy – This treatment involves the use of an ultrasound instrument that helps to tighten sagging skin. Ultrasound helps stimulate the body’s regenerative properties, resulting in collagen growth. A whole week or more is advisable for recovery.

Each of these treatments can provide meaningful results relatively quickly. However, all of them have at least a small degree of recovery. Preparing ahead ensures you can schedule your visit with enough time to heal.

You Should Only Trust Your Face to the Best

If your special event is just around the corner, it’s time to make a call. Your cosmetic surgeon will provide treatment options that will meet your needs. When you’ve decided what option is right for you, it’s time to schedule. Ensure that your procedure date leaves you plenty of time to heal afterward. A little extra time is all it takes to look your absolute best.

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Exploring The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Breast Augmentation

More women are opting into breast augmentation surgery with every passing year. For some, it’s a way to enhance their naturally small breasts. Others are seeking to restore volume after breastfeeding, pregnancy, or weight loss. Like any procedure, you’ll find pros and cons to consider beforehand. No matter your reason, it’s essential to take the time to understand them. Once you do, you’ll know if breast augmentation surgery is right for you.

A Short Guide To The Pros and Cons of Breast Augmentation

When you’re considering getting cosmetic surgery, there’s a lot on the plate. The reasons for doing so vary from patient to patient, as are the reasons not to. Some are concerned about the expense. Others worry about how others will see them afterward. Most are just wanting to look their best and be proud of their bodies. Consider the following pros and cons of cosmetic treatment:

  • Pro – A Body That Inspires Confidence and Feels Great – There is a cultural stigma around women who are seen as ‘flat.’ Large breasts are, for better or worse, tied to a traditionally feminine appearance. For some women, small breasts developed that way. Other women’s breasts may have lost mass after losing weight or breastfeeding. With breast enhancement, you’ll have a profile that makes you feel great.
  • Pro – Long Lasting Solution – No implant option is meant to last forever, but it will last for years. Your new bust will look great in clothes and out. It will also last longer than non-surgical augmentation options.
  • Pro – Customized Appearance – There’s no one-size-fits-all in breast augmentation. Your specialist will tailor it to your desires and your body shape. You can go for a natural look or go for a more dramatic appearance that’s unmistakable.

So that’s a solid start on the good sides of getting a breast augmentation. Now it’s time to touch on the drawbacks.

  • Con – Downtime – No matter how advanced or minor, surgery is going to require downtime. You’ll need about seven days to recover, possibly longer. Trying to recover faster will have you back in the chair. Your specialist will let you know when you can go back to normal activities.
  • Con – Potential Complications – Like any medical procedure, there’s always a chance for misadventure. Sensation loss, asymmetry, and capsular contracture are all possibilities. Your specialist will let you know more.
  • Con – Getting The Wrong Implant – One possible complication is selecting the wrong size or type of implant. Your body may reject the implant, it may not be the right size, or it may not look right. You can’t know any of this until after the surgery.
  • Con – Complicated Mammograms – The implants can make it hard to get clear mammography. This difficulty means it will be easier for breast cancer to be missed. It won’t make you more likely to get it. It’s just harder to see when it’s there.

Consult Your Cosmetic Surgeon For Help Making a Decision

If you’re still undecided about getting breast augmentation, call your specialist. They’ll provide you with options, discuss the treatments, and help develop a plan. Don’t wait to look your best; make the call today!

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Reversing The Advance Of Skin Damage From Time In The Sun

Sun damage can be an unsightly and embarrassing situation. Embracing the sun is an excellent way for our bodies to produce vitamin D and other nutrients from the sun’s UV rays, but when careless, it always comes with some consequence. The powerful rays of the sun can lead to wrinkles, dark spots, and other forms of skin discoloration that can make you look and feel older than you are. Spending time in the sun can harm your skin over time, but once the damage is done, can it truly be reversed? Some experts believe that while not all sun damage will be able to disappear completely, there are ways to protect your skin and prevent further sun damage over time.

How Sun Damage Is Long Term

Sun damage often occurs during childhood, when children and adolescents would play out in the sunshine for long periods without much of an emphasis on sunscreen. Sun damage often develops over time and can take years for its side effects to develop fully. The initial burn and tan from the sun are considered to be the first sign of sun damage. Also referred to as sun aging or photoaging, the sun’s UV rays prematurely damage the skin down to the cellular level, and because it happens at the deepest layer of the skin, it can take years for that damage to develop.

Sun damage can cause freckles, moles, uneven tone complexion, and excessively dry skin. All of these side effects are the result of DNA-altering damage that persists for years. Studies from Yale University found that sunlight damage can continue to affect your skin even beyond staying indoors as the damage from the UV rays can linger beyond first exposure. This damage is also known to be a major cause of skin cancer and can lead to an overproduction of melanin which then leads to dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Having these variances in skin tone and texture can increase your risk for certain diseases, and one of the best ways to avoid sun damage is to use preventative measures to protect your skin from UV damage.

Tips To Prevent Sun Damage During Summer

We highly recommend seeking treatment from a dermatologist or a facial plastic surgeon to help address these issues with skin tone and texture and help prevent the onset of skin cancer. However, there are many ways you can prevent skin damage during the summer. Some tips that can be used to treat sun damage include:

  • Wear Sunscreen: As one of the best preventative measures, wearing sunscreen above 30 SPF will be able to reduce the amount of UV ray damage and prevent any further damage from happening.
  • Chemical Peels: Chemical peels can provide ways of removing dead skin cells from the upper layers of the skin, helping produce collagen and revitalize skin growth.
  • Skin-lightening Creams: For dark age spots, products containing hydroquinone can lighten these spots and remove them completely.
  • Retinoid Creams: Retinoid creams aim to remove wrinkles and speed up the shedding process of dead skin cells.
  • Laser Therapy: Laser therapy uses short pulses of concentrated light to remove layers of skin and reveal fresh, newer layers of skin underneath.

For more information about treating sun damage, visiting your dermatologist or facial surgeon can provide you with more effective ways of treating this damage and protecting yourself from skin cancer.

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