May 2021

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How Microneedling Can Be A Miracle For Your Skin

We all crave brighter, healthier skin that helps us look youthful and vibrant, but it can be harder to achieve as we age. Multiple processes have been developed to help restore youthful vitality to the skin, with varying degrees of success. Skin needling, or microneedling therapy, is one process that has been with us for many years but has recently been seeing a resurgence. Its popularity is such that a selection of home treatments has been developed, but there are risks to taking the process into your own hands. Find out how microneedling can help improve the health and appearance of your skin and why to leave this procedure in the hands of a skilled dermatologist below.

What Is Microneedling, and Why Should I Use It?

Within our skin can be found a type of protein known as collagen. Collagen comes in a variety of forms, but there are three main types located in our skin. Collagen is responsible for giving our skin the stretch, suppleness, and structure that helps it remain firm and youthful. Aging causes us to produce less collagen, which leads to wrinkling and skin that things as we get older. As a minimally invasive procedure, microneedling is a simple and effective way of stimulating the growth of new collagen. There are five steps in the microneedling procedure:

  • Numbing The Area – While the discomfort experienced is minimal, the skin is numbed to make the procedure pain-free. A numbing blend is typically used that includes tetracaine, benzocaine, and lidocaine and is applied to the skin in a thick layer before your dermatologist begins.
  • Skin Cleanse – Your skin will have the numbing gel removed and will promptly be thoroughly cleaned of all oils and dirt prior to the procedure actually beginning. It’s also important not to have any active breakouts during the procedure.
  • Get Needling – Using a special microneedling tool that contains many tiny needles, your dermatologist will generally begin on your forehead. They will work their way over your entire face down to your jawline. The needles will be adjusted for the various thicknesses of your skin throughout the area.
  • Adding Serum – The needling process will open tiny channels in your skin that will allow topical treatment to deeply penetrate your skin, making them more effective. This effect will continue for a few days after the procedure, so you may notice your skin takes up moisturizers and other topicals more effectively at home.
  • Healing Process – Following the procedure, your skin may look red and feel tender, but this passes quickly. A couple of days after the procedure, your skin may begin to itch, and the top layer of skin will flake away to reveal a flush, fresh layer of skin underneath. In the following weeks, you may continue to see improvement as the collagen forms in your skin.

While some improvement may be seen after the first treatment, multiple treatments may be necessary to begin seeing results. You can have a microneedling procedure performed every 4-6 weeks, the minimum time needed for the skin to heal completely and the benefits to appear.

Why To Leave It To An Experienced Dermatologist

There are multiple reasons to leave microneedling to the professionals. Done improperly, it can actually cause damage to your skin. Sterilization is a concern, as you are putting thousands of tiny puncture wounds in your skin to stimulate collagen production. Also, microneedling isn’t appropriate for every skin type and can actually make conditions like keloid scars look worse. Contact your specialist to determine if microneedling is appropriate for you.

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Help Beat That Tired Look With These Cosmetic Treatments

Summertime is right around the corner, and 2020 was a long year for everyone, no matter how you cut it. This has left many of us looking a bit less fresh than we’d like. When all your best efforts have left you still looking worn and perhaps a little exhausted, it’s time to get a bit of help from your friendly cosmetic surgeon. All of us want to have the vitality and energy we feel inside shared with the world, but stubborn bags, droopy eyelids, and tired skin can leave us looking prematurely aged. Below are a few of the favored treatments used by cosmetic surgeons to help their patients capture that refreshed and youthful look they crave.

Treatments That Can Revitalize Your Look

Below we’ll present a selection of treatments that can have lasting and powerful effects on your appearance. Each of them can help refresh a tired countenance and leave you looking youthful and energetic.

  • Eyelid Surgery – Also known as blepharoplasty, this treatment can help eliminate puffy, droopy eyelids and help make your eyes appear bright and alert. In some cases, you may even experience improvements in your eyesight thanks to reduced hooding.
  • Forehead Lift – Eyebrows that are in a low position and lines in your forehead can deepen as you get older. These features can make you look tired, grumpy, or even unfriendly. Restoring a smooth brow can take years off your appearance and have you looking great!
  • Chemical Peel – Time spent in the sun can lead to skin damage that leaves it looking discolored and dry. Chemical peels can help eliminate coarse wrinkles, poor pigmentation and can help improve the appearance of acne scars. In the end, your skin will shine with a revitalized glow that leaves you looking great.
  • Botox – Skin that is wrinkled or aging can leave you with laugh lines or crow’s feet that leave you looking tired and older than you are. Botox can help improve your appearance by tightening your skin and eliminating these features, and making you look younger and refreshed.

These treatments all address common cosmetic concerns that are faced by those who have been experienced elevated levels of stress or have spent a lot of time in the sun.

When Is It Time To Speak To My Cosmetic Surgeon?

If you look in the mirror and discover that you aren’t pleased with what you see, it’s your sign to reach out to your cosmetic surgeon. Scheduling a consultation will set you on your way to discovering treatments that can help refresh your skin and leave you looking fantastic. Don’t let the weight of the world leave you looking tired and exhausted; get a little edge by asking your cosmetic surgeon for their recommendations today! You’ll have the refreshed and energized look you desire in no time at all with their help!

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