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How To Protect Our Skin From Harsh Winter Air

In the immortal words of the Stark Family, Winter is Coming. Those of us in New York are probably more aware of this than almost anywhere else in the country. Minnesota and Maine? We see you and bow to your fortitude. As the cold weather starts to set in, we know that it’s critical to take good care of our skin. If you don’t take steps to keep the cold winter air at bay, it’ll leave your skin dry, chapped, and wrinkled. If you can’t get away to the warmth this winter, these tips will help protect you as the cold sets in.

Why Winter Air Is So Harsh, And How To Protect Our Skin

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Cold air is dry. Dry like your mother-in-law’s Thanksgiving turkey dry. Dry like your Uncle Harry’s humor dry. Dry like… Well, you get our point. One thing that dry air likes to do just about more than anything else is gathering moisture. This has some important implications for the weather system. All it means for our skin is dry, flaky misery. Want to avoid the vampire of youth that is the winter air? Try these tips:

  • Use sunscreen – This advice is good for any time of year. You’ve probably noticed that the majority of sunscreens contain moisturizers. That’s because the sun likes to dry out your skin. It may not be hot out during the winter, but that cold winter sun is still cooking your epidermis. Wearing sunscreen prevents you from getting sunburned and deflects cancer-causing UV light. The extra moisturizer it contains is going to fend off the drying effect of cold air too!
  • Dress Thoroughly – While it may seem obvious that dressing warmly is essential, some people miss some bits. Your hands, head, and face need to be dressed up warm as well. A nice cozy pair of gloves, a hooded jacket or beanie cap, and a face mask are all good starts. Any place that bare skin may encounter the cold air needs to be covered.
  • Avoid Hot Showers – We know this sounds like pure misery. After all, there’s nothing better than a hot shower to warm up from the cold winter air. Unfortunately, hot water also draws necessary oils and moisture out of your skin. Also, once you’re out of the shower? Pat dry, don’t rub. Your skin is delicate after all that moisture.
  • Ointments and Creams – Ointments and creams can do wonders against the forces of winter. You may want to try a few different varieties to ensure that you find one that matches your skin. Some people need thicker creams; others need a light protective layer. Experiment until you find the right one for you.

Consult With Your Cosmetic Treatment Specialist For More Advice

Your plastic surgeon isn’t just there to help you fix the damage. They want to help prevent your beautiful skin from becoming marred in the first place. Reach out to them before the winter sets in and find out what they suggest. They will likely have good tips on products and habits that will help your skin stay looking great!

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The Fall Season Checklist Of Reasons To Get A Tummy Tuck

It’s true that people will get plastic surgery at any time of year. However, there’s a strong argument for Fall being the best time for a tummy tuck. “But the Summer’s over!” we hear you say. Yes, and that’s precisely why the Fall is the best time for getting that work done! There are numerous reasons for having your tummy tuck during this season. We’re going to touch on quite a few of them. When we’re done, you’ll see why there’s no reason to wait until Spring or Summer to get that tummy tuck done!

The Fall Season Checklist Of Reasons To Get A Tummy Tuck

So the school year is crawling to an end and the warm weather with it. As the days tick by, you’re spending more and more time indoors. You may also be planning your look for next summer and making resolutions to reach them. While we have every faith you’ll achieve those goals, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help on the way. Consider the following reasons you should get your tummy tuck this winter:

  • More Time Off – Many companies offer additional time off during the winter months. You can make the most of this by getting your Tummy Tuck around a holiday. This way, you’ll have time to recover without having to spend your precious vacation days. Even better, you’ll be able to heal up after the procedure in privacy! The next time they see you, you’ll be looking fantastic with nary a scar to show!
  • Additional Clothing – Sure, we know you’re piling on those layers to stay warm. However, they also do a wonderful job of covering up blemishes while you’re healing. Tummy tucks tend to come with a fair amount of bruising and discoloration. While time will eliminate these, additional clothes help cover up while you heal. You can also relax at home, warm and snug, which will aid healing.
  • Reduced Outdoor Activities – If you decide to spend the majority of your Fall and winter indoors, no one’s going to judge you. The weather is cold, the roads are treacherous, and the sun goes down early. They don’t have to know that you’re also recovering from getting a little help looking amazing. All they’ll know is you’ll emerge in spring like a butterfly from a chrysalis, looking better than ever.
  • Recover In Time For Summer – Initial recovery from a tummy tuck can take up to six weeks. However, it can be an additional three to six months before you see all the benefits. Getting your tummy tuck in Fall means you’ll be looking great by the time its swimsuit season!

This selection of hot-takes is just the tip of the tummy tuck iceberg. There are plenty more benefits to getting your procedure done during the Fall.

Reach Out To Your Plastic Surgeon To Learn More

Your cosmetic surgeon has been working with patients like you for a long time. This has led to them having a comprehensive understanding of what’s ahead. They’ll not only tell you good reasons to get your tummy tuck this Fall, but they’ll also give you tips to speed your recovery.

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