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Whether you’re a mother looking to get a makeover to restore your pre-baby body, a breast cancer patient looking for reconstruction, or in need of elective hand surgery such as carpal tunnel syndrome, Dr. Pinsky is there to help you reach your desired results. Schedule an appointment today!

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Carpal tunnel syndrome can create an insurmountable amount of pain, numbness, and tingling experienced throughout the wrist and hand. Restoring hand function for those with carpal tunnel requires proper treatment that restores function. When non-surgical treatments don’t work, hand surgery can provide extensive relief that permanently corrects the median nerve compression. Dr. Pinsky provides hand surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome patients, and through various surgery methods, it can relieve pain and numbness.

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Causes Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur through various causes, some of which appear through habit while others appear out of genetic factors and other related health conditions. Repetitive motions, traumatic accidents, joint dislocations, fractures, and fluid retention during pregnancy and any idiopathic condition that arises unknown to its cause can create a carpal tunnel. Other conditions, such as arthritis, thyroid conditions, and diabetes, can affect carpal tunnel development. The causes for carpal tunnel determine the appropriate treatment, and when a non-surgical method such as physical therapy and medication doesn’t relieve the pain, surgery can provide that relief.


Surgical Treatment For Carpal Tunnel

Surgical methods for treating carpal tunnel syndrome can be a viable option. Dr. Pinsky can provide surgery for this condition after observing your condition and related medical history during your initial consultation. Dr. Pinsky offers this treatment at various locations throughout the Long Island area, including Nassau County, Huntington, and Babylon, NY. During your consultation, Dr. Pinsky will observe your symptoms, diagnose the cause, and look for signs that indicate surgery is needed, including:

  • Symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling, and weakening grip that have lasted for more than 1-3 years
  • Tests have shown that nerve damage has formed throughout the tendons, wrists, and hands
  • Other treatments, such as medication, hand therapy, and wrist splints, have not relieved the symptoms.

Procedure For Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Dr. Pinsky can offer both open and endoscopic surgery to improve your symptoms. The focus of the carpal tunnel surgery will be to reduce pressure along the median nerve by cutting the ligament that’s swelling, inflamed, and placing pressure along the nerve. This method is called carpal tunnel release and creates a viable method for relieving its symptoms and preventing long-lasting nerve damage. The procedure will proceed by the following:

Dr. Pinsky will first prepare the surgery area by disinfecting the surgical area and administering medication, including general anesthesia and intravenous sedation, for your comfort.

The procedure opted for will follow either the open surgery method or the endoscopic method, which includes:

Open Surgery

An incision will be made along the palm’s base, allowing access to the constricted tissue causing the pressure on the median nerve. This procedure produces a larger incision that will access the traverse carpal ligament.

Endoscopic Surgery

Smaller incisions will be made along the middle of the palm and the wrist. With endoscopes, Dr. Pinsky will view the ligament and make small incisions to the ligament.

Once completed, the surgical sites will be cleaned, sutured, and wrapped in bandages to heal. During the healing process, Dr. Pinsky will observe and schedule follow-up appointments as the tissues gradually grow back together and allow room for the nerve. This process will take about several months to complete, and Dr. Pinsky will encourage the use of your hand once the ligament is fully healed. For risks associated with the surgery, please contact Dr. Pinsky for more information.

If you would like more information about carpal tunnel surgery and wish to learn how Dr. Pinsky treats this condition, contact him today by calling (631) 870-7208 to schedule your initial consultation.

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