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Cosmetic Town’s team is pleased to inform you that you have been selected for our “Top 100 Cosmetic Doctors in New York”.

Besides your outstanding work and a great reputation with your patients, we take immense pride in choosing the candidates for our lists based on the doctor’s patient outreach and education efforts on Cosmetic Town. This includes answering questions in our Q&A section, posting photos of your procedures and the number of patient reviews on our website.

Below you will find the 2021 Badge for Cosmetic Town’s Top 100 Cosmetic Doctors. You can link to the article and share this badge on your website and social media to show your accomplishment. Thank you for being an outstanding doctor and a valuable source for patients.

Cosmetic Town Top 100 New York Cosmetic Doctors In 2021 Article:

Tara Tashayod

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Trending Cosmetic Procedures Among Male Customers

It’s no secret that the largest consumers of cosmetic surgery are women, but there’s a rising trend of men going under the knife for beauty as well. Today’s men are less tied to traditional ideas of the masculine and feminine and aren’t afraid to get a little extra help to get that handsome, chiseled look they all dream of. Whether they’re getting a tummy tuck to manage loose skin or taking advantage of aesthetic treatments and anti-aging care to keep themselves looking great, male use of cosmetic procedures is on the rise.

What Cosmetic Procedures Are Trending With Men

Ongoing studies by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have revealed that the number of men getting plastic surgery has risen over 300% in the past two decades alone. In 2017 alone, there were 120,000 men who went under the knife, while 300,000 more men opted to get the benefits of nonsurgical options. Liposuction was far and away the most popular option for these pioneering men, but blepharoplasty, otherwise referred to as an eyelid lift, was close behind. Other common cosmetic procedures being sought by men include:

  • Facelift
  • Male Breast Reduction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction

These aren’t the only procedures being sought by men, but they are the ones most commonly requested. The reason for the changing face of cosmetic surgery clientele has a lot to do with our fiercely competitive modern world. Everything from our place in the workplace to dating ages that reach into years later than they have previously are having an effect. A few of the conditions that are leading to men seeking more plastic surgery include:

  • Fierce Workplace Competition – Staying competitive means pulling out every stop, and this includes making sure you look great every day. Botox, fillers, and other treatments of this nature are being used more and more, with facelifts, neck lifts, and blepharoplasty being used as well.
  • Less Time For Physical Fitness – While many men would prefer to spend their time in the gym working to hone their form, the time isn’t always available for them to do so. Obligations to work and family often leave little time to chisel one’s physique, so men are turning to plastic surgery.
  • A World Unveiled – With social media being a central element of almost everyone’s life, looking good has become another tool in our toolkit. Even men are feeling the pressure to look their best at every moment, and plastic surgery helps where other options slip.

How To Know If Plastic Surgery Will Work For You

If you’re wondering how you might benefit from the assistance of your friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon, give them a call today! They’ll take the time to listen to your concerns and offer viable options for those seeking a quick way to address those small imperfections that keep them from looking their best. Don’t let another day go by with you still struggling to look your best; call about cosmetic surgery options at our office today!

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Sculpt Your Arms In Time For Summer With Brachioplasty

When discussing plastic surgery options, the most prominently discussed choices involve breast lifts, tummy tucks, even rhinoplasty. While these are all important options for the cosmetic surgery patient, we’d be remiss if we left out options for one of the hardest working parts of the body, the arms. One of the core concerns of those who have conquered the battle of the bulge is the loose skin left behind after having dropped the pounds. Weight loss and other considerations can lead to loose, flabby skin being present under the arms, but Brachioplasty can help!

What Brachioplasty Is And How It Can Help Your Arms

Brachioplasty is a form of plastic surgery that focuses on improving the appearance of your arms. Even with hours spent at the gym trying to tone your body, you may not ever be able to get rid of the loose skin on your arms naturally. Brachioplasty includes a number of cosmetic procedures that come together to produce beautiful taut arms that look great in any outfit. The most common parts of a Brachioplasty include:

  • Liposuction – This routine procedure is used to eliminate unwanted fat from target areas
  • Skin Removal – This is a great solution for those who just have loose skin that won’t go away
  • Arm Lift – This procedure focuses on reshaping the arm and is great for those for whom fat loss is a minimal concern and skin elasticity is good.

One or more of these procedures can be used in the process of performing a Brachioplasty for a patient. If liposuction is performed, the patient will receive two incisions, one at the elbow the other in the upper armpit. These incisions will be used to remove unwanted tissue.. Skin removal is a relatively simple procedure but has the drawback of producing a more noticeable scar, making it an option for whom an arm lift isn’t suitable.

What To Expect During Recovery From A Brachioplasty

Brachiaplasties and all of the procedures involved in performing one are fairly routine for the skilled cosmetic surgeon, so the risk of complications is minimal. The steps involved in your recovery vary based on the specifics of your surgery. If liposuction was performed, you can expect to be wearing a compression garment for up to a month following the procedure. While recovery time from an arm lift is faster, it typically takes 90 days to show long-term results.

These procedures can produce fantastic results for those patients who have been struggling to keep the winter pounds off or who have been struggling to get arms they’ll be proud to show off. If you’re wondering if a Brachioplasty can help you address your arm-related concerns, give our offices a call today. You’ll be scheduled for a consultation during which your cosmetic surgical options will be presented. Once you select your option, you’ll be briefed on what to expect and given a clear indication of how much recovery time you’re going to need after the procedure. Don’t let summer find you hiding your arms; call to get started today!

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