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Whether you’re a mother looking to get a makeover to restore your pre-baby body, a breast cancer patient looking for reconstruction, or in need of elective hand surgery such as carpal tunnel syndrome, Dr. Pinsky is there to help you reach your desired results. Schedule an appointment today!

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Hands are complex structures susceptible to injuries, diseases, and other medical problems. Returning the hand to proper function requires skill, knowledge, and an understanding of hand surgery and follow-up care intricacies. Dr. Pinsky provides hand surgeries using advanced techniques to restore strength, function, and flexibility in the wrist and hands injured by trauma or conditions. Choosing a plastic surgeon for hand surgery not only means that your condition can be healed but also completely restored to its original form. Hand surgery can reduce aging signs, remove the appearance of joint abnormalities, and reconstruct the hand to a healthier, youthful appearance.

What Concerns Are Treated With Hand Surgery?

Hand surgery consists of a complex series of procedures to correct deformities, diseases, and other hand conditions and restore function in the fingers, wrists, and hands. Hand surgery can treat numerous conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, Dupuytren’s Contracture, tumors, and other arm-nerve compressions with precise incisions and reconstruction methods. As a complex structure in the body with over 27 bones and a network of nerves and tendons, the hands contain intricacies that only skilled, professional surgeons can treat.

For patients considering hand surgery, you will qualify for hand surgery if you:

  • Have painful conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, trauma to the hands, and Dupuytren’s Contracture
  • Do not have any associated medical conditions that impair healing
  • Don’t smoke
  • Have a positive outlook with realistic goals for treatment
  • Will be committed to the prescribed course for treatment
  • Intend on hand surgery as an elective treatment

For severe hand trauma cases and medical emergency injuries, please call 911 or your local medical emergency number for immediate treatment.

Procedures For Hand Surgery

If you wish to receive hand surgery as a corrective measure for any long-term, painful conditions, Dr. Pinsky will advise you during your initial consultation and inform you of the risks involved with hand surgery, evaluate your medical history, and inform you of your post-operative care instructions for recovery. If needed, Dr. Pinsky may also recommend surgery During the scheduled procedure, Dr. Pinsky will proceed with the following:


Medications will be administered to relieve sensations of pain and improve comfort, with options such as local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and intravenous sedation.


For hand surgery, the condition of the hand will determine the type of treatment you will receive. Detailed below will be followed:

Hand Trauma

The most common surgery for trauma is tendon repair. Dr. Pinsky will retrieve the retracted tendon from the original injury site and reconnect it to help restore function and movement.

Carpal Tunnel Relief

Because of the pressure along the median nerve, an incision will be made in the middle of the palm to access the constricted tissues. The tissues will be released of their pressure through various reconstruction methods.

Hand Deformities

For any hand deformities, such as fingers fused at birth, digit overgrowth and undergrowth, and congenital constriction syndrome, all can create bands of bones, muscle, and skin that fuse together. Depending on the abnormality, skin grafting, local flap procedures, and bone grafting will create flexibility in the affected areas through the incision site for continued growth and movement for the hands and fingers.


Once the procedure or combined procedures are completed, Dr. Pinsky will close the incisions with sutures and stitches to heal.


The results of the hand surgery will depend on the recovery time and post-operative instructions given. The outcome will be followed up throughout the upcoming months to track the rate of swelling, infection, and chance of failure.

Hand Surgery Recovery And Risks

Your instructions will depend on the type of surgery received. You will be prescribed medications, hand therapy exercises, and cleansing instructions to restore your hands’ strength and integrity to health. Please call to ask any questions or concerns you may have regarding Dr. Pinsky’s hand surgery procedures for associated risks.


At Dr. Pinsky’s offices, located in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Huntington, and Babylon, NY, you’ll receive hand surgery treatment that will restore your beautiful hands through a range of procedures. Success in hand surgery relies on education, skill, qualification, and training while performing the procedures. Dr. Pinsky will listen, find the right answers, and provide you with hand surgery treatments that will give you back functional hands with natural-looking results. Call (631) 870-7208 to learn more, and schedule a consultation today.

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