Thousands of women each year determine that breast augmentation is right for them. For some of them, it’s based on dissatisfaction with the size of their natural breasts. Others have experienced a loss of volume or shape after having children and/or breastfeeding. Still, others have undergone the trauma of breast cancer or have experienced an injury to their chest. Regardless of their reason for getting breast augmentation, each of them was taking control of their life and their appearance through the procedure.

Exploring The Pros and Cons Of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a well-understood procedure that’s been being performed for over a hundred years. While the first procedure performed was technically a reconstruction, performed on an opera singer after the removal of a tumor in her breast. The replacement material used was a harmless fatty tumor that had formed in her lower back and restored her appearance quite well for the time. Advances since then have led to a reduction in complications and a boost in the positive results that were seen. Today, breast augmentation complications are typically rare and mild when they occur.

  • Pros
    • Confidence In Your Appearance – If your breasts make you feel self-conscious due to their size or shape, breast augmentation can restore your confidence and have you feeling great about your appearance.
    • Long-Lasting Results – The implants used in breast augmentation aren’t intended to last forever, but they represent improvements that can last for a decade or more.
    • Customized Results – This procedure isn’t one-size-fits-all. Each procedure is custom-designed to meet the needs of the patient and produce the results they’re hoping for.
    • Fit In Clothes Better – Many clothes are made for women who have average to substantial busts. This means they may not look as good on those with smaller breasts, and augmentation can have you looking great in them.
  • Cons
    • Recovery Time – Breast augmentation takes some time to recover from, especially if you want to get the best results. The initial recovery takes approximately a week, but full recovery will take as much as a month. During this time, you’ll have to take it easy and avoid lifting anything over 10 pounds.
    • Complications – As mentioned above, complications are few and far between, but there’s always the possibility that they will occur. Loss of sensation, asymmetry and capsular contracture are the most frequent concerns.
    • Mammogram Complications – While they won’t make it more likely for you to contract breast cancer, they can make it trickier to get a mammogram image that’s clear. This is usually addressed by increasing the number of images taken.

Reach Out To your Cosmetic Surgeon For More Information

Want to learn more about breast augmentation and whether it’s right for you? Reach out to your specialist and get a consultation scheduled today! They’ll help you determine what cosmetic options are appropriate for you and help you make the choices that will ensure your breast augmentation produces that look you’ve always wanted. Isn’t it time your profile casts the silhouette you’ve always wanted?

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