When you’ve been struggling at the gym, counting your calories, and doing enough crunches to power a small city, it can be frustrating to still find loose skin and stubborn fat clinging on. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we need a little help to achieve the taut, smooth stomach that we dream of. For many patients, this is when it comes time to seek help from a qualified plastic surgeon. If you’re stuck at a plateau or have stubborn loose skin remaining, an abdominoplasty may be just the thing to polish off all that hard work.

Things To Consider When Looking Into Getting Abdominoplasty

Commonly referred to by the term tummy tuck, an abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that eliminates extra fat and and tightens the skin and abdominal wall. This procedure is major surgery, so it should only be sought when all other efforts have failed and you’re certain that you’ll have the time to recover properly. Unlike liposuction, abdominoplasty is not an alternative to fat loss but a complete solution that can help serve as the final coup in the battle of the bulge. Those who are good candidates for abdominoplasty include:

  • Women who have loose skin from several pregnancies
  • Men and women who struggled with obesity and have lost substantial weight
  • Those who are struggling to eliminate stubborn deposits of fat and loose skin

Those who are described by the above may find that abdominoplasty is the solution they’re looking for. However, there are some reasons that those who otherwise could benefit from this procedure should avoid it. These reasons include:

  • Women planning to have more children
  • Those who wish to avoid the obvious scar that’s common with abdominoplasty
  • Those who still have a substantial amount of weight to lose
  • Those unable to take the necessary time off to recover

The work done on the muscles during an abdominoplasty can lead to problems during future pregnancies, including hernia and separation. If you’re still certain you want to proceed with an abdominoplasty, then it’s time to reach out to a professional for the procedure.

What To Expect During Recovery From Abdominoplasty

As mentioned above, an abdominoplasty is major surgery, and the recovery time is substantial. Many patients indicate that it often takes months for them to return to feeling normal. The toll it takes on your body, the emotional impacts, and the financial costs all take their toll. The healing process typically begins with begin with donning an abdominal pressure garment. During your procedure, a number of drain tubes will be inserted to help eliminate fluids that will build up during the healing process. The garment will generally be worn for the majority of six weeks, being removed only to shower once the drainage tubes have been removed. Sponge baths are advised until this time is reached, and a shower chair is advisable during recovery. Following your abdominoplasty, a proper diet is more important than ever, and a proper exercise routine should be returned to once the garment is ready to be removed permanently. Be sure to check in regularly with your plastic surgeon and take your prescribed medication on schedule.

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